Viola Spells, Jewelry

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Viola Spells, strong and focused, is as rare a find as her eye-popping jewelry sold at Pink Dog Creative. It reflects the  beauty and stature of the artist herself in textural statement pieces that are delicate yet substantial. An Asheville native, Viola was first a librarian but searched her inner soul to identify a need to translate her root creativity as a third generation crocheter to contemporary line, interwoven with the culture of women, home and community.

“I selected wire as a medium best suited to use crochet to communicate the concept of ‘line’ to the public. I was also interested in the culture of women. How did women use lines in their daily lives? Women have used fibers to cultivate their homes and families. Many lines are woven to beautify homes. These woven lines also represent social interactions with family and community. Women orchestrate these experiences to give their families colorful and harmonious lives.

“Crochet is an art form that women have used throughout the ages. Steeped in the crafts from growing up in Asheville, my mother and grandmother taught me to crochet. I use crochet wire with gemstones, crystals and facet stones to illustrate these colorful lives. Each piece of jewelry tells a different story.”

After retiring, I graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.F.A. in Metal Smithing and Jewelry. I am owner and designer of ZenobiaStudio (344 Depot St.) in the River Arts District in Asheville. I reside with my daughter and grandson.

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