Trish Salmon, Clay

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I have embraced the infinite possibilities of clay from everyday functional ware like bowls and plates to wall art and architectural tiles. I love creating work with wonderful textures and colors whether they have a designated function or are purely aesthetic. As a hand builder and a sculptor, I employ my years of experience to freely express the strength and spiritual awakening of women as well as making homeware in classical forms enhanced by texture and glazes.

I do sculptural work which is often figurative, incorporating natural looking surfaces that are layered and multicolored. My studio named “Claywork by Hand” reflects my respect for the craft of ceramics and my mission to bring a personal connection between the maker and the user.

photograph of Trish Salmon

I’ve always been attracted to art, color and design with wide exposure to clay work through classes in ceramics, sculpture and painting in the Atlanta area. Classes at Penland have helped me advance my skills, and I’ve been an active member of Odyssey Co-op Gallery in Asheville’s River Arts District.

It was the magic of Penland that motivated my husband and me to move to Canton in 2007. The mountains of WNC are a constant inspiration to expand on my studio practice as their natural forms and colors dominate all my work in painting, textile, clay or mixed media. 

To further my hand building techniques, I received my Associate’s Degree in clay through Haywood Community College’s Professional Crafts Program, graduating summa cum laude in 2014.  My work is currently available at Art Garden at 191 Lyman Street in Asheville’s River Arts District

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