Terry Taylor, Mixed Media/Collage

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I have been making and collecting things since I was a child ,and I continue in my “golden years.” Stitching, jewelry making, and collage have been my preferred, but not the only mediums I utilize.  In the last five years I have concentrated on making collages and quilts inspired by imagery from my post card collections.

Transforming familiar WNC, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and real photo post cards with vintage dictionary illustrations, along with cutting up, stitching and re-deranging cards has been my focus for the last few years. I like to disrupt the standard response to familiar images. Reflecting on history, contemporary issues, or sometimes just for the fun of making is a part of my process.

I am proud to call Enka/Candler home since moving to this area in 1964. My studio is here in our family home, and memories of local life and long ago times often appear in my work. My father was born in Billy Cove, and my mother in Sandy Mush. I graduated from Enka High School in 1970.

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