Tanya Franklin, Glass


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I love the transparency and colors of flat glass which convey the spiritual quality of nature with light, natural or lit from behind. In lamps, I translate the glass to dimensional form with lamps and panels that bring our mountain surroundings to life for interior enjoyment. I’m self taught with over 20 years of glass classes in the Milwaukee area before moving to Asheville with my family in 2013. I also build the frames and hinges to hold my glass art, soldering with zinc, copper or brass adapted to panoramic lamps from the Tiffany style.

The three dimensional quality of my works relates to engineering and reflects my career in the computer industry for over thirty years. My aunt taught art at the University of Illinois and inspired my husband and me to visit Asheville to escape the dreaded Wisconsin winters. Nature and art come together here, and appreciation for my work has blossomed with exhibition space at Woolworth Walk and Philip D’Angelo Gallery. 

 As a new grandmother, I am close to my daughter who now lives in Atlanta and my son who still lives here in Asheville. My studio at The Wedge in the River Arts District has brought many friendships and creative networking that further inspires my work.

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