Sascha Frowine, Jewelry

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From an early age, beginning with my birth in the shoe department at Bloomingdales, I was destined to live a life celebrating the pursuit of personal adornment. Color, texture, and form are the core of my very being. For me, life is art or at the very least one fabulous costume party. 

My jewelry designs display a myriad of influences: mythological, multicultural, organic and whimsy. Each piece is imbued with magic, mystery and inspiration. The choice and shape of the semiprecious stones, custom crafted components, handcrafted beads and found elements used in my jewelry are intuitively chosen for their color and form. Many of these stones are hand-cut by my husband, Steven Frowine, with whom I share “Natural Wonders”. Our jewelry is an expression of an eclectic, intuitive and serendipitous style providing empowerment and pleasure to each wearer. 

Sascha Frowine at work in her studio.

My formal education is as eclectic as my jewelry including studies at the School of Visual Arts, The New School, the Art Student’s League in New York City, the Museum School, Harvard University, Metalwerx in the Boston area, the Guilford Handcrafts Center and Wesleyan Potters in Connecticut. I have a BS in Speech with a theatre design major from Emerson College in Boston. After spending a number of years working as a Graphic Designer, I returned to graduate school to complete my MA in Clinical Psychology. As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, creativity and personal expression have always been an integral part of my therapeutic work with children, adolescents and adults.

All of these influences converge in a lifetime of fascination with ornamentation and design, the perfect outlet for creating my jewelry. I consider each piece to be a personal talisman for the soul. 

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