Patricia Hargrove, Portraiture

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Passion runs deep in my artwork, whether it’s a portrait of a three year old child in watercolor, or a treasured pet in oil, or a beloved western NC landscape, or my more contemporary abstract and sculptural creations. I love being a grandmother and painting my grandchildren as examples of what can be done with portraits in traditional, non-traditional, and contemporary modes. My lifelong fascination with people and faces has led to 30 plus years of painting portraits.

Oil, watercolor, pastel, and graphite are my mediums for children’s portraits. Acrylic, oil & cold wax, and found objects are part of my more contemporary abstracts.

My studio is in the Wedge Building, Suite 2B3, in the River Arts District. I love being part of such a dynamic arts scene where we artists create, share, encourage and always have an open invitation to you, the community, and tourists to visit our studios and get to know us! 

I earned a B.A. in Graphic Design from Coker College and have been active in professional portrait organizations. My work appears in numerous private collections and has received national recognition in shows and competitions. Works have been exhibited and published extensively including the World Methodist Council Museum and Water Color Magazine. In 2008-9, I was recognized as Outstanding Young Alumni at Coker College, chosen to paint Coker’s retiring President James Dawson. 

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