Paige Houghton, Fiber-based Sculpture

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The fiber vessels and panels created from wool, bamboo mohair, bamboo, and silk, sewn or felted into a design, are Paige Houghton’s passion. Some have said her creations look like stained glass.  Others have called her  “Chihuly of Fiber.” Born in Southern California, it was her Oregon Grandmother who taught her to sew and love fiber. Making surfboards, working in the legal aid field, and becoming a goat rancher in Ohio producing high quality fiber while raising two children, offer only a glimpse into her remarkable life. 

Paige’s initial vision came during radiation therapy for a brain tumor.  She became a working artist when she moved to Asheville over a decade ago. She took that vision and added the inspiration of the natural beauty of the forests, skies and water of Asheville to craft her work.  Using local wools and mohair, she sews or felts fibers together. These fabric-like pieces are then cast into a shape or placed on glass for a panel. Layers of paint and resin are applied, giving the pieces a “stained glass” quality.  These are embellished with crushed rhodiola branches, dried flowers, and other botanicals. She also makes one-of-a-kind vessels and takes commissions from anyone who wants to capture a special memory of Asheville.

Her studio is the 2nd bedroom at her renovated 1925 bungalow where she lives with husband Patrick, and wild Australian Terrier Harry. Paige is grateful to be working as an artist in Asheville. She is inspired and committed to bringing beauty into people’s lives and homes and to showing gratitude for “the little things” in life. Her work is at  Trackside Studios 375 in the River Arts District.


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