Mary Stori, Art Quilts

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My natural curiosity, excessive energy, and ‘nesting’ instincts are reflected in my passion for quilting, wearable art, and cooking. When I create my art quilts, my time blends into my own private world where thirty years of practice has instilled patience and focus. The satisfaction grows as I experience personal progress along the way and I see tangible results in finished form. I never tire of the challenge to master different styles and techniques and the joy of seeing finished quilts displayed on a wall. These are not your grandma’s quilts, but provide the same warmth and visual impact, and always with attention to detail and quality workmanship.

Creativity wasn’t a trait I recognized in myself until I married and became a stay at home mom.  Cooking grew from hobby to mini-career until a series of back surgeries sidelined me. My fabulous mother-in-law introduced me to quilting during my 6 months in a body cast and I quickly discovered “creativity” when my design skills grew from traditional to artistically inspired. I now focus exclusively on my own one-of-a-kind designs and invite inquiries regarding commissions, exhibitions and licensing.

Step by step, my skills as a fashion designer and quilt maker have materialized into six published books on textile crafts and one cookbook, TV appearances,workshops and lectures worldwide, a line of fabrics for Kona Bay Fabrics and stencils for Quilting Creations. I’m honored to be chosen as a National Artisan for Bernina and named 2004 Teacher of the Year by The Professional Quilter with my work exhibited or collected by The International Quilt Study Center & Museum, University of Nebraska and the University of WI – UW Stout.

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