Lisa Dillon, Drawing and Print-Making

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Art and making have always been part of my life. I began drawing as a child and it remains my favorite means of self expression. I favor mediums that allow me to create fine details and patterns in my work. One example is the intaglio of sepia dogwood blossoms, which was printed from a copper plate. Another is the Caladium leaf drawing which I created using a Micron pen with the finest point (003). I used a Scratchboard to create the black and white floral image. The patterns and symmetry of nature are the inspiration for my work and this is evident, for example, in the pen and ink drawing of sunflowers, which I created after seeing the acres of sunflowers at the Biltmore Estate last summer. More recently I’ve incorporated color in my working using paint pens.

My creative pursuits began with making birthday and holiday cards for family and friends. I have also created annual calendars of my work as gifts. I consider myself a maker and take pride in creating homemade gifts for others. 

Classes including lithography at Penland (framed image of blue flowers), screen printing on fabric at John C Campbell, and nature drawing at AB Tech have inspired me to explore new mediums, expand my creative toolkit, and tackle new projects. Two recent projects include a barn quilt and floor cloth for my home.

Born and raised in Washington, DC, I spent my adult working life in Portland, Maine in the field of education. I retired to Asheville in 2017 and am drawn to its vibrant arts community. Retirement has given me the gift of time that enables me to further pursue my creative interests.

5 Comments on “Lisa Dillon, Drawing and Print-Making

  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and happy art. Love your use of color and shapes from nature.

    Judy Ringman


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