Leene Hermann, Glass

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Welcome to my studio in the River Arts District, Leene’s Glass Works. Here you will find mosaics and fused glass, all original and one-of-a-kind pieces.  My mosaics, large and small, express my whimsy and love of color. 

I believe that color and playfulness are the main reasons people are drawn to my work. Loving what I do creatively, I am deeply grateful every day for this gift to share with those around me.  In this particularly rough year of Covid, smiles come to faces as they visit my studio. 

Photo of Leene Hermann in her studio.

I moved to Asheville in August 2015 to be a part of the River Arts District scene and the magic of Asheville. For me, mosaics has been a life-changing form of self expression inspired by what I see around me: nature, people, pictures. Mosaics have changed my life and given me the creative expression I’ve searched for. It’s my hope that you will take pleasure in them too.

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