Kelley Griffith, Wood Furnishings

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My woodworking and furniture design dovetails art influences with human intent stemming from the hearts and minds of clients and commissions. Each piece tells a story, or reflects family, tradition, memorials and occasions of note. All of these design styles emphasize elegant simplicity, the beauty of wood, functionality, and comfort. For what it’s worth, my unsophisticated concept of “Beauty” has to do with its connection to things we see, feel, touch, hear, smell, and taste in nature. The design styles I admire manifest this connection to the natural world.

My furniture evokes Asian influences, Danish Modern (Sam Maloof) and the Arts and Crafts designs of brothers Charles and Henry Greene manifested famously by the Gamble House (1908) and others in California in the early 1900s. Applied to functional art in wood and made to order, each piece is designed with an intentional purpose and expression of family, travel and ancestry.

After retiring from teaching English at UNCG, I entered the Fine and Creative Woodworking Program at Rockingham Community College in Wentworth, North Carolina. I graduated with an Associates Degree in 2004 and set up my company, Sunburst Woodworks. I lived in Greensboro until moving to Asheville in 2017.  I welcome inquiries about my work and possible commissions. Most of the pieces shown on my website are customizable by design, size, and species of wood.

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