Karen Stastny, Painter

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I love the process of painting. It is a dialogue. In the beginning, I am never sure where the painting will end up. I might have my ideas, but at some point, the painting starts to assert itself. Then the conversation really gets interesting.

My primary tools are drawing, mark making, and color. I love the spontaneous, lyrical feel of gestural drawing. I am also intrigued by color. Depending on what color combinations are put together, along with lights and darks – whole worlds of feeling open up. When line and color are added to texture, shape and composition, a painting begins to take shape. If it works, the painting and I have reached the end of an interesting conversation.

Ultimately, I want to live in a piece, and want to keep coming back to it. Overall, I want to feel something, and hope that the viewer does as well.

Karen Stastny is an abstract painter whose work is an expression of her personality. It is often calming, uplifting, and colorful. A New Orleans native, Stastny enjoys pushing her work to new levels by altering her palette and the structure of her brushstrokes.

Stastny earned her BFA from the University of New Orleans and enrolled in extended study at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts. She formerly taught at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts and the Jewish Community Center on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans. Her work is included in many corporate collections including Iberia Bank; Pan American Life Insurance Company; McGlinchey, Stafford and Mintz Law Firm; Morgan Stanley; Barrasso, Usdin, Kupperman, Freeman & Sarver; and the Butler Snow Law Firm. She resides and works part of each year in Biltmore Lake.

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