Ginger Graziano, Painting and Sculpture

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My art reaches beyond the daily world and invites mystery to emerge—that elusive part that can only be communicated by listening to imagination. Nature speaks to me—the seasons of birth, growth, and death. New life returns, bringing continuity, forming a circle—a recurring image in my paintings. What begins as a seed idea evolves and is finally transformed into something new—a surprise.

In painting, I work with image and symbols in mixed media, primarily acrylic, pastel, tempera, and crayon on high-quality paper. My work is a combination of figurative and abstract. My subjects are frequently women or groups of people, the focus being emotional and spiritual. Color is an important element of my art.

In clay sculpture, I work primarily with the figure and masks, with metaphor, symbols, and found objects. Sometimes I work with dream images that arise and ask to be expressed. All the elements are present when working with clay: earth, water, air, and fire. New beings emerge to tell their stories, similar to how characters arise in the writing process. The malleable nature of clay is constantly teaching me, challenging me because it’s unpredictable.

I earned a BA in Fine Art from Kean College, Union, NJ and have also trained in New York at Hunter College, the Art Students League, the School of Visual Arts, and the Nassau Museum of Fine Arts, where I was introduced to figurative clay sculpture. I have a number of creative outlets, including writing (poetry and memoir) and my profession as a graphic designer. Each one has a place in my creative life

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