Daryl Slaton

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Creatively, my art leans more to the whimsical and fantastic than day-to-day reality. My studio is stocked with picture books, action figures, plush toys (ranging from Batman to Edgar Allan Poe), Bride of Frankenstein soda pop, graphic novels and comic books (ranging from Peanuts to Superman). No wonder my broad array of whimsical animal creations, drawn by hand and expressed through digital techniques, have brought smiles regionally and nationally in exhibitions, homes and corporate offices. Now retired from a successful career as a commercial artist, I still work in my studio every day expanding on creative endeavors. Versatile in many mediums, my mainstays are illustration, digital art, and most recently 3-D dioramas using paper. Occasionally, I’ll accept a pet portrait commission and work on some collaborative projects. I am involved in community endeavors such as ZED, Biltmore Lake Artists and the Center for Craft Creativity and Design.

I grew up reading comic books, everything from cutesy cartoon characters to superheroes. I’m also a big fan of animation and old movies. As a result, I am skilled at character design, drawing machines, robots & other mechanical contraptions, and using Photoshop and other digital art apps.

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