Katrina Chenevert

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Nostalgia often drives my inspiration but, it is the “theme” that directs what medium I use in my final creations. My work falls mainly into three distinct categories all derived through research, experimentation and the freedom to broaden my artistic endeavor in a variety of mediums. Cherished family photo images result in exquisitely detailed sepia watercolors revealing heritage through narratives. Exhibited nationally, these keepsakes have resulted in a string of commissions that reveal the personal family stories of others. Large scale 3-D assemblages tend to have common themes, generally from identifiable characters from the 1960’s to 1980’s as well as current pop and cultural icons. My oil paintings are often composed with a unique slant and sometimes incorporate fiber paste which adds an impasto effect. Inspired by my photographs, taken through the eye of this artist, my process results in an exclusive painting from an uncommon perspective. The results are unique pieces you will not see anywhere else. Many of my creations capture whimsical flare and Pop Art styles, often with satirical or political interpretations.

I am an artist working in mixed media to create 3D canvas assemblages, soft sculptures, small installations and paintings. Moving between 2D and 3D on projects inspires me to reach beyond a norm making art that falls into an “uncategorized” genre. I have a working studio at home. I am a member of Biltmore Lake Artists and SHAC.

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