Erin Keane, Encaustic + Journals

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I am an artist working with photography, encaustic beeswax, and bookbinding. Through my camera, I collect the beautiful colors and textures of daily life. I am especially interested in the elasticity of light as it dances around reflection, shadow, and motion. Capturing light is sometimes ethereal and sometimes edgy. It is intriguing how the camera lens “sees” differently than the eye. My method of developing photography involves transferring the ink from my prints onto wood panels and saturating with encaustic beeswax. The combination of photography transfer and encaustic creates soft imagery with a luminous glow and aromatic scent of beeswax.

In my bookbinding, I am drawn to the idea of making journals that are both functional and a distinctive art form, and enjoy the challenge of designing new bindings and structures. Recently I have been creating sculptural books, exploring structural form and how it personifies concepts through the interaction of pages and covers. The complex, challenging bindings expand my personal boundaries, and there is a push and pull between the creative chaos of artistic design and the calm meditation of binding the book. Wax, paper, thread becomes a conversation, and the unspoken words are visually illustrated in the form of a book sculpture.

I work daily at my cozy home studio near Pisgah National Forest and spend my leisure time hiking, canoeing, camping, creek stomping, porch sitting, and star gazing. My adventures in the mountains, lakes, and rivers become embedded personally into my imagery.

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