Carol McCrory

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I am moved by the mountains, but inspired by the beach. I love the light on the water and the sand. I love the clouds, the trees, the reflections, and the colors. These are reflected in my work. I was born in Florida but my family went back and forth to North Carolina- from beachy weekends in Miami to woodsy vacations in the mountains. All this plus extensive travel has guided the conceptual ideas for my current paintings. My art pursuits began in earnest when I moved to Asheville in 2010. Now my work has been displayed in galleries and local shows and is privately held by collectors in Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, and here in Asheville. I love the transparency of acrylics, and the way you can use other media along with the paint, which stimulates my painterly process. Layer after layer of acrylic medium reflects the underlying colors. My paintings show realism with an impressionistic bent. Moved by what inspires me, I paint for my own fulfillment but am rewarded by those who enjoy my work. Please let me know what you think.

Always wanting to paint, I got sidetracked by various career iterations – including teacher, lawyer and law school professor. All along, my heart said, “you should paint” while my mind said, “there’s no time.” Upon moving to Asheville, I took classes at UNCA and tackled my art in earnest, painting canvases for friends, then showing and selling my work. From the very first sale, I was hooked on my continuing art adventure and felt qualified to proudly say, “I am an artist!”

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