Bob Ware, Photographer

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As a landscape and nature photographer, I capture the eloquence of modest environs, often near home, rather than vistas of epic scale. My images explore the balance or the tension, the reassurance or surprise within nature’s complexity. Calm and intimate, this work is warm and harmonious in its realism, whether in color or black-and white, with subtleties of composition that invite prolonged viewing.
My recently published book, Walking Circe, reveals the beauty of Biltmore Lake’s trails, waterways and wildlife. Circe is my canine companion on the daily hikes that give rise to much of my photography.

Biltmore Lake’s foliage and wildlife—the subjects of work shown here—are stunning. Especially captivating is the seasonal variety–the first buds of spring, kayaks on a summer day, outrageous autumn colors, geese on a snowy lake. Hopefully, this book inspires an appreciation for the generous artistry of nature that can be found close at hand.

I am a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. My career has encompassed editorial and commercial portraiture, architectural and corporate photography, landscape and nature photography. For two decades I taught traditional and digital photography at Santa Monica College, Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design and San Francisco’s Academy of Art University.

4 Comments on “Bob Ware, Photographer

  1. Hello Bob, I am a member of NANPA. On its site it shows “Bob Ware: How to Register Your Copyright” .Then it says to see the recording, go to the Members site. When I go there, I see a list of many recordings but not yours! Can you tell me where I can find this recording? Hope you are safe and well.
    Susan Manley


    • Susan, unfortunately, changes made by the Copyright Office about two years ago render obsolete much of what I showed in that recording. I don’t think that you would find it helpful now.


      • Thank you for your quick response, Bob.  I have looked at some sites on YouTube but there are variations on what info to put into Lightroom.  I was looking to NANPA to have the correct info.  Maybe someday it will have it. Susan


      • Well, if what you are looking for is how to label and then find images in Lightroom to submit for copyright registration, that’s fairly easy. In the metadata tab of the Library module there is a copyright status drop down box. The default is “unknown”. The other choices are “Copyrightrd” and “Public Domain.” These can be set as an import default or later as a categorization for individual images or a batch of selected images. I keep the import default as “unknown.” Later, after I’ve edited and adjusted an image, and it has become one that I think may have some commercial, editorial, or fine art value, I will assign a color label to it. I use purple, as this is the only color label that does not have a shortcut key, so I am unlikely to assign purple to any image accidentally. Now, when it comes time to register a group of images I can quickly identify all my hero images by sorting on copyright status (Unknown) plus label (purple) plus year of creation. I export these files as medium size jpegs (about 1200 pixels on the long edge) to a desktop folder in preparation for submission to the Copyright Office. Once I have done that, I go back and batch change the copyright status to “copyrighted” so they won’t appear in future searches for images to register. You can streamline this process by creating a “Smart Collection” with the above parameters. This makes finding the eligible images instantaneous simply by clicking on that collection. When you ultimately change the status to ‘Copyrighted” these images will disappear from the smart collection. As far as submission goes, you should read up on the requirements and procedure at If you need to batch rename the jpeg files to comply, a handy program is “Better File Rename”.


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