Ellen Sanders, Books and Paper

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Although I have worked in several different media over the years, I am currently working in book and paper arts. My finished pieces range from altered books, to collages and mixed media, to mini book necklaces, to rust prints, to…well, you get the idea. I exhibit and sell my work at Foundation Studios on Foundy St. in the River Arts District, and I live in Biltmore Lake. I attended the very first meeting of Biltmore Lake Artists and am thrilled to see how it has expanded to nearby neighborhoods as Sand Hill Artists Collective.

Inspired by reading, it is exciting to embrace books, their images and words as starting points for my work. Taking an old book and transforming it to express an idea or repurposing its beautiful cover into a blank sketchbook/journal gives me tremendous satisfaction. And making small books that can be worn as jewelry is a fun way for others to also express their love of the written word.

My paper works – collages mostly – often use imagery and text that I get from my old books. I give my creativity to these pieces with drawing and even rust prints, a newer technique for me. I discover lovely colors and shapes from this simple method.

I have a BA in Art Education from the University of Maryland, and I worked as an art teacher for a number of years, K-12. I also have a masters in drawing and sculpture from VCU.

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