Dustin Spagnola, Painting

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As a young child growing up in upstate New York and Daytona Beach, Florida, Dustin started drawing and just never stopped. With good fortune, he had great teachers and learning experiences with stops at Daytona Beach Community College, Warren Wilson, Wedge Studios and Satellite Gallery, which jet-propelled him to exhibiting his work at Art Basel in Miami. In addition, Universal Studios in Japan, mural work at Five Points in NYC as well as Atlanta, Chattanooga, Kansas City and Knoxville with large commissioned pieces have helped build his marketability.

Deep into the practice of art, much of Dustin’s  exposure comes from active social media and word-of-mouth, with prints available online at Fine Art America and Saatchi Art. He also holds exhibitions from time to time in his working studio and exhibition space at 474 Haywood Road in West Asheville.

In his practice of public, studio, and sequential art—which includes the ongoing and weekly practice of figure drawing—he is a serious artist, hard worker and community advocate with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Full circle, drawing is where Dustin began as a child, and it continues to be foundational to his art adventures and creative exploration.

“I am a contemporary visual artist and painter, whose current work explores portraiture, the human form and light through the mediums of both spray paint and oil. My work ranges from fine art on canvas to larger-than-life murals, each one informing the other.” 

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