Bronwen McCormick, Watercolors

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My watercolors explore the natural world and the beauty that embraces us in our WNC mountains, forests and rivers. With each touch of the brush to paper I am both amazed and mesmerized by the way the color flows and moves, like the waters of our rivers and creeks. As in nature, I think I have control but do not. Watercolor reminds me that brushstrokes bring magic so I “go with the flow” to bring vision to life.

I’m inspired by the views from my window, a hike or camping, or a gorgeous sunrise on my way to work as a culinary teacher at AB Tech. I am fortunate to embrace daily the beauty of food organically grown, the challenge in working with our award winning Culinary Competition teams and the creative expression of natural wonders.

Portrait of Bronwen McCormick

I first learned about Sand Hill Artists Collective at the Enka-Candler Tailgate Market where I offered my watercolors, including a rendering of the neighborhood icon, the Enka Clock Tower, which I see from my window. Posting it on my Instagram and other social media helped bring signatures to petitions that will rescue the clock tower from destruction from ongoing development in the Candler area.

I have a degree in art history and love painting as a daily practice. I’m self-taught with the help of drawing and painting classes but enjoy learning more with each brushstroke. I’ve covered many miles running in Bent Creek and appreciate the mix of pleasures in melding love of the outdoors with creative pursuits.

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