Anna Koloseike, Ceramic Sculptor

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My subjects explore themes of shared human experience, thus the human figure- most often the girl or woman- best expresses my ideas, my voice. Sometimes cultural commonalities intrigue me such as the interface between the uses of veil and hat/helmet/hair to define one’s role in a culture. I might explore the emotional realm, for example, the tension between choosing to “sing with the choir” or to chart one’s own course. Questions from the “Me Too” movement have been compelling. The human form is challenging and ultimately expressive.
My work invites identification, reflection, questioning and humor. I hope that it encourages my viewers to revisit their own stories, ideas and images.

I came to art making after more than 30 years of teaching art to adolescents in Vermont and then in Shanghai, China. Until recently, as a painter in oils, I focused on landscape subjects. As the human figure began to emerge in my work, however, so did the desire to express myself with the physicality of clay. Now as a ceramic sculptor, I have the pleasure of moving the clay around, enjoying its plasticity and that once fired, it maintains durability. Mud to magic! Working at the Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts has provided me with the means to maintain my ceramics practice since I’ve left teaching.

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