Angela Alexander: Painting

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I am best known as an artist specializing in pet portraits. Beginning with a black canvas, I layer loose brushstrokes in vibrant colors to reveal the dog, cat or farm animal I’m painting using soft body acrylics.The bold colors that characterize my work represent my subject’s energy and personality. Is there anything more expressive than the love of animals who express their love so unconditionally?  These portraits can be privately commissioned or found at galleries in Asheville and nationally as well as hotels and animal hospitals. My colorful critters are also collected nationally and internationally, and have been showcased at the AKC Museum of the Dog in St. Louis, MO, and featured in Air Bud Entertainment’s movie Pup Star: Better 2gether.  They are available as acrylics or as prints on paper or metal.

My animal paintings began after a stint as a graphic artist and were inspired by my early whimsical drawings of my brown and tan chihuahua, Sadie. Her markings made my earliest paintings look like she was wearing a mask. Consequently, up until Sadie passed in 2015, I painted all my subjects wearing masks and glasses. I never considered that masks would become a central element in our lives today.

While working in my studio during Covid, my works have begun to take a turn to the abstract. They are created with modeling paste and heavy body acrylics on canvas using palette knives and brushes to create a lot of texture.  Some of the ideas for these new paintings have come about due to the pandemic, an emotional time for all of us . Art is healing and these paintings have helped me express my feelings. My beloved animals dogs Maya, Frida and Scruffy, are emerging in my current style which has evolved from playful and often comedic caricatures to a more refined and abstract technique.

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