Andy Farkas: Printmaking and Storytelling

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Stories build bridges between the seen and unseen world—breathing life into ways of being, understanding, and feeling. At its most profound, they illumine a path toward enlightenment.

My work rises from a quiet mind, without censorship. I simply follow it towards its natural conclusion. I love the marriage of word and image, which, when properly balanced, are ever receiving and ever expanding, making active participants of those involved in their hearing, seeing, reading or re-telling.

The process of give and take can be a beautiful cycle or a terrible downward spiral. It is one reason I find such deep communion with nature. Nature gives and gives — there’s nothing it holds back, and yet, what we offer in return is what completes and defines that relationship. It seems to me to be the same in all of our relationships. That’s why, even in this world’s current chaos, I am grateful. I tell and write stories to my three girls (and my wife). Images come through me that others appreciate.

I have a place to work and create and a family I love and support and who love and support me. I have a place to call home. I have enough. I write it out because I need reminding. In contentment I find happiness. In gratitude I find contentment. In humility I find gratitude.


Momentum Gallery, Asheville, NC

Davidson Galleries, Seattle WA

Adam Cave Fine Art, Raleigh, NC

Eric Schindler Gallery, Richmond, VA

The Grand Hand Gallery, St. Paul, MN

Watson McRea Gallery, Sanibel, FL

Glass Growers Gallery, Erie, PA

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