Andrea Kulish, Design

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My Pysanky eggs stand front and center among my art offerings at Studio A in the River Arts District. As an extension of my Ukrainian heritage, this process links to long afternoons spent in my mother’s shop in upstate New York. Pysanky eggs are created using a wax resist, or batik, method, and all the symbols on the eggs are intentions for health, abundance, happiness, and other good wishes.

My designs are traditional and also stem from more contemporary inspirations. A good example of this are the eggs I’ve presented in Pink Dog’s “In Solidarity” exhibition where up to 100% of the art sales go to justice and equity initiatives. Both my “Memorials” and “Protection” series speak to the significance of Black Lives Matter through written names–memorials, and a combination of Ukrainian and African symbols for protection.

For the holidays, my Pysanky eggs make wonderful gifts as well as delightful, colorful ornaments for any tree. I also offer classes which are very popular so that your eggs are reflections of your yourself, meant as most intimate and meaningful gifts. 

My egg inspirations bring me full circle to my mother, family and heritage. My pysanky are an extension of my love, heritage and upbringing, which I love to share.

Photo by Matt Rose

Studio A is a working artist studio, gallery and business venue for my active graphic design business. Workshops take place in the studio. Living in Boston allowed me to build expertise in graphic design, photography and communications in specialty programs at Harvard, Mass College of Art, Boston University and the New England School of Photography. My work can be found in collections worldwide including the Pysanka Museum in Kolomyia, Ukraine and Mission Hospital, Asheville.

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