Amy Massey, Gouache Vignettes

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As both an artist and massage therapist, I use my hands and eyes to express healing energy that embraces and then forges the voids both within and across the human divide. My art, as an expression of my own human nature, is intended to tap into a space that is both nurturing and sacred. 

My most recent body of work, Portals and Passages, is an exploration of space using abstract and organic forms to lure the viewer inward through its vibrant, flowing movement. The negative space is as essential as the delicately painted ethereal vignettes that are delicately layered to build visual depth and dynamic complexity. Using gouache in its varying intensities as a watercolor allows a spectrum of washes layered with boldly pigmented detailing. With cold press watercolor paper for surface, the overall impact is one of lightness and textural integrity.

Portrait of Amy Massey

As in my massage, my creativity is informed by intuitive “seeing” and expression of hand that controls the flow of medium in varying intensities and the touch of the brush on paper, at first subtle and then building its own organic energy. The resulting images are like portals that welcome the viewer to look closer with meditative intent. They serve as a doorway for those seeking an inner spirit and the desire for interconnectedness in all things.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and received a BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design.


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