CUSTOM FRAMING: Making Fine Art Even Finer

Whether you are an artist planning to market your art or an art consumer hanging art in your home or office, your goals are the same: to make your art look the every best it can. 

As a custom framer, I opened my original framing business in upstate New York in 1987 and have been working at my craft since then.  For artists and collectors within the Sand Hill Artists Collective neighborhoods around Biltmore Lake and West Asheville, Studio Three sits in a garden behind my home off Haywood Road, inspiring creativity for your art and my framing.

Photograph of fine art framing.

Proper framing can reflect your feelings about a work of art, drawing the viewer into it or providing a new perspective.  Custom matting your artwork acts as a built-in amplifier, providing a focus to the piece and adding impact to the colors and lines within the work.  Proper use of glazing will add longevity to the artwork by reducing harmful UV rays that fade the art and matting, but also provides clarity, being able to see the actual colors and losing none of the fine detail.  All the materials and layers of protection, all the tapes and adhesives, backing, and glazing that go into custom framing enhances the valued look of the piece.

Pat Johnson preparing ceremonial dress for framing.

Custom framing vs. commercial frames?  While its simple to go online to get a frame for your work, this does not necessarily do justice to your piece or protect it. Custom art framing is designed to not only complete your presentation, but more importantly, protect its value well into the future.

My frame selection is carefully chosen with a detailed eye, so whether you are looking for modern, classic, ornate, or just a simple design, I can accommodate you. Paintings, Drawings, Textile and Needlework, Canvas Stretching, Shadowboxing, Diplomas, Children’s Art, Letters of Achievement and anything else that can be captured and defined, I will give my personal attention frame to serving your needs and discerning eye.

Portrait of fine art framer, Pat Johnson.

Because we are a small and personal service, we can also provide:

  • Pick-up and delivery of your artwork
  • Private and individual appointments
  • Home and office consultation

Call or text Pat Johnson at Studio Three: 607- 651-5551