Now is the Best Time to Build our Creative Communities

Photograph of writing desk, notebook and laptop computer.

By Stephanie Moore, Biltmore Lake Resident and Executive Director of the Center for Craft

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the meaning of Community in this age of Coronavirus. I spend fifty hours plus a week leading the Center for Craft, a national arts nonprofit centered here in Asheville. And, in over ten years as a resident, I have wanted to be more involved in the flourishing activities of Biltmore Lake. Still, limited by work and family commitments, and now isolating at home, I crave greater interaction and less Zoom meetings, more than ever before.

I see Sand Hill Artists Collective (SHAC) as a way to meet and learn what others interested in art are working on and thinking about. SHAC is a budding community founded on the need for the mutual encouragement of creatives and I am particularly inspired by all the featured artists and virtual news in the monthly SHAC blog.

Photograph of butterfly on window sill.

I am passionate about art as it embodies so many characteristics that I admire – the drive to create, to interpret the world, to challenge perspectives, and to find beauty in the everyday. I am encouraged that the residents of close knit and nearby neighborhoods are coming together virtually through art. For now, I am glad to know that I have SHAC as a creative source of support.

I look forward to hearing how you are faring creatively in isolation. Please respond to this post so we may get to “know” each other.

One Comment on “Now is the Best Time to Build our Creative Communities

  1. Great job, Stephanie. Thanks for your support of SHAC!